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  • Debian

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  • FreeBSD (and others *BSD)

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  • Mandrake

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  • Red Hat

    4 28.57%
  • Slackware

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  • SuSE

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    zonealarm, cause its free, and does what i need it too.

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    Thumbs up

    Woo-hoo, I feel popular, cause more people use my firewall....lolololol!
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    I use Norton Personal Firewall 2002. So I voted for other. I got it because I was new, but I knew I needed something. Seems to be working ok so far. When I learn more about firewalls and computers in general I may change my mind.
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    I had to vote other, because I'm using both Hardware and Software... my router is set up to handle NAT, and I'm also running Norton's Internet security.

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    I voted 'Other' myself - I'm a hardware man. I too am using a router with NAT, built-in firewall functions, etc. Although in the past, before I set up my network at my house, I was using ZoneAlarm to protect my one PC that was connected to the net through dial-up. But then when I got my cable modem, I set up a network with several machines and purchased my router. Hardware firewalling is definately the best way to go.
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    Originally posted here by RiOtEr
    im on dialup so its not really needed gota luv dynamic ips lol but i agree with {PēP}Apocalypse hard ware is the only way to go get a freebsd box and ur set lol or a crunch box for those with more money lol im going to get flamed for that by korpdeath so to make him happy im sure sunscreen is good 2 hehe ohh well
    Why would I flame you for that? I don't have a problem with the crunch box. You my friend are confused.

    BTW Sunscreen is an enterprise solution, the hardware alone could cost 50k.

    The three best personal firewalls are Sygate, NeoWatch and Tiny. ZA is a big flaming pile of crap and you kid yourself if you think it gives you security, but to each his own, right?
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    newbienoia? :-) or maybe newbieannoya
    It must be them again. Start the response cycle.

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    at home i use watchguard soho hardware and sygate...at work i use...umm..no...i don't think i'll tell you my network topology thank you very much... ...i do use a combination of multiple hardware solutions and sygate

    READ THIS software firewall and win9x users...you might not be as secure as you think...

    the following applies to zonealarm free version...i have not checked it with others...but it may be a problem as well...

    IF YOU ARE USING ZA and WIN98...and you are not logging on all they time...or if your computer reboots while your not around....YOU ARE NOT PROTECTED..ZA under win98 ONLY loads after logon...if your box is sitting there with the welcome to windows networking dialog...it has not loaded and any ports or shares which you have are completely exposed...

    we did some investigating a while back HERE

    As VictorKaum put it...

    You can access a Win box when it's still at the log on screen.
    ping, finger, Dos, DDoS...
    shares are processed.

    Try it at home... share a drive on a Win box, log off
    try - with another pc in your LAN - to 'ping' to the box or 'net use' to the drive it will work. You can access any shared device on this box when the pc is still at the log on screen.

    I'am testing it right now to be sure:

    ping is possible (ZA does not block until it has been loaded, after logon)
    DoS and DDoS are possible

    this problem does not occur with win2k/xp since firewall and av softs are loaded as a service...prior to logon...
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    Hmmm... I donīt use any kind of firewall and i really donīt care. You know why? Because i havenīt got anything so important on my hard drive that i couldenīt lose. You must think about the same thing. Why the hell do you need 10 firewalls if you can have the power of a cd-rw backup drive? I donīt need anything else. And buying hardware? Complete waste of money... Itīs only useful if you run a big company ( or work in one ) and you do your job over the internet. Yet my choice fell to Black Ice Defender 2.9 can because itīs a very good firewall and the only one i ever enjoyed to use.

    Yes, yes, iīm done!!!
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    I voted Tiny Personal firewall. I used to use Neoworkx NeoWatch FireWall but NeoWatch simply told me what connections were coming in to my computer. It didn't have any options to permit the traffic or deny it. So NeoWatch sucked and someone told me about Tiny Personal firewall. i am happy so far with it.

    Just my two cents,

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