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    I donīt use any kind of firewall and i really donīt care.

    sigh..you should...because one of these days men with black suits might be banging on your door because your box has been compromised and is running zombie attacks on government or commerical sites...

    some isps are starting to boot customers who are recklessly disregarding computer safety...and i think you'll see a lot more of this...

    i can even foresee a day..where you may be legally liable for attacks from your computer...whether you knew about them or not...your failure to "take precautions" could be seen a negligence...
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    Tiny Personal Firewall. At the moment, I'm not running any firewall software, but if I could, I would use Tiny. The only reason I don't is that my NAT software isn't quite the best, and stops working when I use Tiny. At any rate, TPF really caught me with it's clean and customizable ruleset.
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    Re: Wuh?

    Originally posted here by KorpDeath

    ZA is a big flaming pile of crap and you kid yourself if you think it gives you security


    Originally posted bt Terr
    Tiny Personal Firewall


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    Tiny is what the Air Force uses.
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    Gee, all of these lovely comments about my firewall make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

    I guess the phrase "big flaming pile of crap" means you really feel strongly about it....Maybe I should consider changing....lol.
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    Zone Alarm is only good if you like the LOOK of a firewall that works,
    Make sure you are not labeled a newb, do not use ZA. Uninstalling it completely is pain in the ass aswell. There are numerous registry keys that it leaves behind. Switch to either TPF, sygate, blackice, or any combination of 2 or even all three. That is my 2 cents.
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    Get Linux Man! SmoothWall

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    My question for you[and all the tux box users] is:What hppens after the power is cut from your home for let s say 5 minutes and than is restored?Will the tux box ALWAYS compleetly start up and firewall your lan and will the firewalls on all your pc in your lan with lets say Sygate or Norton work and provide defense when scandisk finds errors who will be corrected when you get home from work?[don t think they will]
    Is it pos. to hack a win 98/me when it hangs in scandisk with it s found errors?????
    A hardware router[mine from Sitecom]will provide instant protection![when the power is restored]Importend with cable and adsl connections.
    i m gone,thx everyone for so much fun and good info.
    cheers and good bye

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    Zigar:the men in black suits in really hard to happen. i live in europe , portugal to be precise, and there isnīt a big chance that hackers will pick me because iīm still in the oldie 56k connection.
    Still there arenīt any kind of regulations for hacking attacks in my coutry ( at least not that i know of ) so i could do whatever i wnted and nothing happened. Anyway as iīm not sure of this iīll check it out.
    As for the ispīs issue what do you mean by "boot"? Discard them? Close their connection? I should say that my connection is better then alway without my firewall!

    I still say that cd-rw is always better than a firewall!
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    Agnitium Outpost.. It's available at:

    It's easily configured, reliable, customizable, and if you keep it updated it'll keep your win box secure. Agnitium also gives you the option to stealth your ports. You can test your firewall and see how well it's configured at these sites:



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