hi seniors,
i m a newbie hoping to make it big every thing inside me screams computer geek and nerd but the fact is that i live in a very small town and access to books and manuals is not possible so i m limiting on my knowledge base but this doesnt stopped me from trying to be one among you seniors i respect you all and i m quite sure that you all will help me in expanding my vision my logical thinking and programming skills. I have a solid command over C/C++ and I have also a good command over Java/JavaScript and ofcouse HTML but whenever i see those cool code you guys flash on many websites on the net i cant resist the temptation to learn more and this is my only motive to leran more...

i m quie fascinated about networking and moblie communication devices and security being the biggest challange i want to know more on security PLS PLS PLS PLS gUIDE ME HOW AND WHEN AND WHERE TO GO ABOUT LEARNING

thanking you