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Thread: Your Note Pad...Reminders???

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    Your Note Pad...Reminders???

    Just another quick suggestion. I find the Note Pad feature very handy. You can put down whatever you want in it. I like to use it to remind me of what I have to do, such as 'sign up for footy tipping' or if I'm in a hurry when looking at AntiOnline or am not in the mood to post a long opinion thread, 'post reply to CHRISTIANITY' thread', etc.

    Anyways, I thought it would be great if these were displayed on the front page. This would be beneficial for reminders, as you might forget to click 'Your Note Pad', but if your reminder is listed on the front page, you can't miss it! If you do not like to use the Note Pad feature for reminders or don't want to see them on the front page, maybe a check box could be implemented next to each of the Note Pad entries, which enabled that particular entry to be displayed somewhere on the front page.

    The front page would only display like the first 30 or 40 characters of the entry (just incase the Note Pad entry was like a whole page long). This would ensure that it wouldn't interfere with the page layout. Plus, it would mean that our entries were kept short and to the point (as the ones mentioned above).

    A whole new section could be provided for this, such as a 'Reminders' section, but I don't think that's necessary, as the Note Pad can be used for it. Or maybe when you logon we can have the pop-up (like when you get a Private Message), but I wouldn't really want to see it pop-up, just a thought if any of you would like it.

    Well, that's the idea - please post your thoughts.

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    yea like the forums do on your home page.
    You will see the first few words of your reminder to remind you.
    great idea hotice
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    Good idea, I'm so absent minded that I usually forget to check my notepad!
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