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Thread: Site Status Stuff Not There...

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    Site Status Stuff Not There...

    Few people visit it, so they probably have no idea of this bug, or whatever it is...

    Anyways, there are some errors under the Site Status sections of Router Log and Hack Attempts... The logs are blank!

    There was a hack attempt going on around 8:10 PM (Japan Time, +9 Hours) on AntiOnline.com. I was in the Who's Online thing, and there were about 1,400 guests , and about 3 of them had the nice little message "Security Notice ** User Trying To Hack AntiOnline ** Security Notice". (I Have It Saved On My PC, 1.27MB File) There was a link to the Hack Attempt Log, but the log was blank. Another thing was that it didn't appear to have the thing at the bottom to tell you of load times, queries, etc... It turns out that the black background is missing... Same thing for the Router Log. Also, three images didn't load (Hack Attempts Log). The AntiOnline Logo loaded, but three other images didn't... It would be nice if you could get the attempts logs backup...


    PS: Who would have thought that the Who's Online would show that message?

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    Yeah, Its been messed up for a while now... Along with fight-back, I think its a problem with about.php

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