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Thread: Hacking Exposed

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    Here is another good one for you guys. I just went out and got the latest edition of Hacking Exposed/Network Security Secrets & Solutions by Foundstone ISBN# 0-07-219381-6.
    It's a realy good read so far. It also comes with a CD packed full of tools. I like the way the book is set up. It sets up a scenario then shows how to hack or exploit it. Then it gives a solution to secure or harden it. The book is most definitely not for the noob though.

    Like I said though. The tools on the CD are a nice collection. It has one hel% of a password d/b on it. As well it has tools for win32 and *nix plaforms. If you want a good reference guide for IT security and to show the corperate types a thing or two. This is the book.
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    hehe now only if i had money left on paypal i could get a copy :P

    hmmmm maybe someone scanned the pages and turned it into a text file warez... they do have channels for that on dalnet from what ive seen... maybe ill take a look and if i find it ill past it up here for you people who arent anti-warez.

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    Its a great book, I got it for Xmas, found it deep in the computers section at Easons, I reckon some other dude had it stored away but I got it.

    Anyway if your poor and like freebie books or dont have generous parents { prob cos your old} then pop round to http://blacksun.box.sk for all your free book needs!

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    I agree its a great book, I have read through whole the book once and are today using it as reference material since my mind seems to forgett things now and then .

    Thanks for the link Ennis, they had a quite big tutorials area and I'll see what kind of information I can dig out from there. Seems like I cant get enough of tutorials they are almost as fun as config files in *nix .

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    its good i bought it since i had the 1st version =p

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    Just got it and am reading it now,
    So far it is very good. But it will take a little while to get through. Looks like everything in it is worthwile though.
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    Thanks to Ennis. I am very poor and trying to save my$$$ to read book. I read some of them. It will take a while to get through.

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    I have read the third edition. It is a very good book both for the novie as well as the security professional. It is definately worth the time reading and I would recommend it to anyone looking to find out where their box is vulnerable.

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    I have the third edition as well.... Good Book....


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    I have some of the books.... worth the money.
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