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    Linux distro servers, use Debian or Slackware, Debian definetly owns the market share of Linux servers out there. NetBSD is good, but no better then Debian, remember a server is only as good as it's admin.

    I'd use Debian over Solaris on sparc hardware for alot of things..


    ps Suse, Mandrake, Redhat really are gay for servers

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    FreeBSD is very stable and It runs Linux binary files.
    Try it.

    Ronald Gonzalez
    email: ronaldg2@multidom.net

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    On a P120, It should be able to *almost* handle anything if you have 64mb of ram...
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    The best linux to run i think is slackware......but i would highly recomend runing a BSD box over linux anyday.....if you dont have multiple processers and dont need java run OpenBSD...hella secure. But if you need java or have need for smp run freeBSD
    I think generaly speaking freeBSD and OpenBSD are more secure then your genral linux box.....I belive OpenBSD hasn't had a remote exploit in like 4 years on the default install....

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