OK, I finally took my own advice and put LINUX
(dual boot) on my main box.
It's a COMPAQ deskpro PIII 800, and I had this
redhat 6.0 cd lying around, so I got a 2nd HD and the install
went fine, it boots OK win or linux.

Then there's X! I only get 640x480 video.
It has an NVIDIA RIVA 64 with TNT chipset
AGP video card with 32 megs of video RAM.

I went to the NVIDIA website, and they didn't
list a driver for older than redhat 6.1
I downloaded it anyway(RPM format),
but naturally it won't install because
it's not for RH 6.0.

I suppuse you're going to tell me to upgrade
to 7.2

My question is, does RH 7.2 come with support
for this card, or will I still be hunting for drivers?