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Thread: Antipoint system bug

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    Antipoint system bug

    I'm running Mandrake linux and use the newest Galeon net browser (Mozilla clon) and I can't add antipoints to posts... A new small window pops up (as it should) but the page isn't loaded inside it,
    The same problem accurs when I try using Netscape or just the normal Mozilla browser...
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    Ah.... I see...... I took a look at the code, seems like a </table> is missing... Netscape 4 sucks like that. If you forget to close a table tag, it won't show you anything that is in the table.
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    Greetings All:

    Thanks zion1459 for pointing out this problem. Thanks jared_c for pointing out the solution!

    Heh, this was an easy one for me! Problem fixed, thread closed!

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