Discovered on: March 11, 2002
Last Updated on: March 11, 2002 at 11:27:05 AM PST
Linux.Jac.8759 is a virus that infects files under Linux. The virus infects ELF executables that exist in the same directory as the virus.

Type: Virus
Infection Length: 8759 Bytes
Technical description:

When Linux.Jac.8759 is executed, it starts by checking all files that are in the same directory as the one from which the virus was executed. If it finds executable files that have write permission, it attempts to infect them. The virus will not infect files that end with the letters ps, nor will it infect files that were not created for the x86 (Intel) platform.

The virus modifies several fields in the header of the file. One of the modifications is used as an infection marker. This check prevents the virus from infecting a file multiple times.