Now that we actually have this forum, a few things:

1. I saw a suggestion for this in another thread by hot_ice: tests to see who can crack the code. For a first try, I'll do something simple:

pkeg lqd etcemkpi vjku eqfg. rquv vjku yjgp aqw hkpkuj.

2. What do you think is the best operation in a cryptographic algorithm? Not necessarily a secure one, just the one that is the most useful/effective/hard-to-reverse.

3. Just as a question, not a proposition for rules or guidlines, but what do you think are some good ideas for doing in this forum (i.e. posting interesting applicable math, cryptanalysis tests (see 1), individually and unique algorithms for the rest of us to play around with, etc.)

4. Thank you JP for finally putting this in!

TIA for all replies