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    Broadband Surpasses Dial up for the first time


    if we thought the Security problems were bad now, just wait.

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    Cool link. I can't wait 'til vDSL comes along. With 50Mbps down/25Mbps up, everyone will be able to have the equivalent of roughly 12 T1s down... I can't wait.
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    DON'T TELL ME HOME USERS ARE GOTTA GET THIS THING. Oh great. watch the DDoS problem go up

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    What kind of pipe would carry that into homes? over copper awg 24?

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    Sounds like this would take a while to actually hit the mainstream, and what we have now I wouldn't consider mainstream. It sure would take some type of fancy wiring to get this into the suburbs and such.

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    damnz i want cable
    hip hop rules

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    Well I know I'm seriously glad that the broadband is taking over. I do a lot of highend flash work and i get tired of having to do two sites for each. (1 for low bandwidth, and one for high bandwitdh). Once everyone goes highspeed I can really start using 3dstudio max's full capabilities. But alas, it is still too far off to forget about our 56k friends.

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