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Thread: List of tagets in nuclear war?

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    List of tagets in nuclear war?

    here is an interesting article. the article claime that the countries mentioned are not legitimate targets, but a large scope to cover all the bases.


    north korea

    not a nice list of people.... china alone would eat the us alive. good move by our "fearless leader"

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    >>not a nice list of people

    you are right about that

    why is this list open for all to see??

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    I was wondering that my self when they made the announcement on TV. I don't think that this information should have been released to the mainstream public, let alone viewable by every one of those countrys. Smooth move, eh? Making a list of possable future 'targets' and then releasing that information. Good move, we can all thank the L.A. Times and CNN for that one..


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    Actually, you can thank your gouvernment for that... and by the way, I think the list is fake: Redmond isn't on it
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    Well, i suppose they are at fault also. I think it may be a fake as well. Why else would the US release that sort of information? BTW, why would Redmond be listed?


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    even so if it was real then these people are stupis as what do we think these coutnries are going to do. Sit back and se what happens, i don't think so they will try to attack first if anything happens
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    hehe australia aint their well i could c it heheh]go australia were like coacroches *spelling we just never go away and eventually we will rile the world

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    I think with what China is doing selling weapons of mass dis. to N.korea,Iran and other countries On Bush trip to China thay refused to stop,the U .S. is getting 90 % off our goods made in China. Our big corp. then they dowm sise here & we have 100.000 s out of work. Its big business& $$$ today ,I keep a close eye on whats going on. I think Bush is just getting ready & letting these rogue nations Know it. Im a lot more HAWK then DOVE. Be nice but, carry a big stick, Dont forget we support over half of the world, but its never enough. I belive charity begins at home, then if you have any thing left help your neibor!! I have very strong feelings about these things.

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    nuclear weapons could be used against targets able to withstand non-nuclear attack, in retaliation for attacks by nuclear, biological or chemical weapons
    In other words, there is nothing saying that we are planning on attacking these countries with nuclear weapons. It is a list of countries that, if they attacked us, we would retaliate with nuclear power. Sending a bunch of patriot missles at China isn't going to do anything. They have been creating these lists for years. This is just the first time that the list went public. I am sure that any nation on the list that has any form of secret intelligence, already knew they were on the list.
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    the reason it was released is to "scare" the countries on the list... of course now that this could start ww3 i think that is dumb. i don't think it is fake. it makes a lot of sense that we would target those countries... most communist nations and such. i heard cuba was somewhere on the list as well, but am not so sure.
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