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    Hidden posts

    Wouldn't it be better if you could set an option in your preferences to allow all hidden posts to be shown rather than having to click the link and wait for the popup window to load. I'm not too bothered if users put swearing or spoilers in their post, so long as it doesn't go OTT (and if it does the post should really be deleted/edited anyway or not posted in the first place).

    The default could be for posts marked as hidden to remain so, this way no-one would be accidentely offended because they forgot to switch the option off. Also anonymous users would always have hidden posts hidden and not be able to change this option unless they register with AO.

    What do you think?
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    The idea of a hidden post is that it may be offensive content, so if the post offends you, you will most likely give it neg points, but with that you have a little warning that says 'The user has specified this post as hidden, it may contain offensive content or less that family firendly language'.... So in other words, I disagree with you.... It is a good idea though, but I dont think it will be used....

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    Not really worth the effort really, Im sure its a nice idea just a little time wasting though. Lets be honest.

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    Greetings All:

    Well, the way our site is set up, hidden posts aren't even actually part of the thread, so there's no real way (no real easy way I should say), to make an "auto-appear" option.

    Sorry, but thanks for the suggestion!

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