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Thread: Another Windows XP bug

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    Another Windows XP bug

    Windows XP Can Kill DSL Connections

    It seems that Windows XP has a nasty tendency to cause DSL servers to identify people using that operating system as having an illegal connection, and shut them out.

    The problem lies with the MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit) which, for people using PPPoE (Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet) on ADSL, should never be more than 1492. By default, Win XP sets it to 1500.

    Microsoft knows about the problem, but offers no patch for XP. Their only solution is recommending customers to hack their registries.

    *my comments*

    M$ is offering no patch? Aren't MS products supposed to be easy to use? How can an average person hack their registry? Thats not happening.

    *end my comments*

    My sources cited:



    The Register

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    Its the same story as always with Microsoft...they have a bug, and they deny it...Until you call tech support and pay a heft price ...then they give you the patch...

    This reminds me of the Win Me/LT Winmodem bug.

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    The first thing I do whenever I have to reinstall my dsl-line, is take this TweakTest.

    And this tool allows you to adjust your MTU... safes me the trouble of going through my reg.

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    Is this always supposed to happen with every XP install? I have been running Win XP Pro for about a month and it hasn't caused any trouble with or DSL connection.
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    the "illegal" connection part must be some type of AUP on the ISP side that says "No, you can NOT network". Because by default windows XP has a 1500 MTU setting (matching that of an ethernet network). PPPoE going across a standard AAL5 ATM network has an optimal MTU of 1456(?) I believe? If ISPs are checking the MTU to enforce thier AUP then they are quite stupid, (considering most OSs have a default MTU of 1500, including LINUX I do believe?) a better way to enforce the no networking policy would be to check the RADIUS (check your RFCs) to see if the customer has authenicated more than once.

    Just a thought!

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