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    Users Flag

    Just a nitpicky little thing.

    How about, if you double click on the users flag you get a small pop-up (much like the antipoint one) that informs you of which country the flag belongs too....maybe even a very brief history???

    I'm seeing alot of flags that are leaving me a little baffled....Alot of users don't type in a location (myself included) and all you get is a strange looking flag....

    Anyway, food for thought.............

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    Actually if you roll your mouse over the flag it does tell you. At least on my machine it does. But i like the history thing. I am an avid history buff. Well actually I am an avid everything buff.

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    if you lave the mouse pointer on the flag and wait for the popup help bubble, then it'll tell you the name of the country it belongs to. As for the brief bio, that'll be pretty neet.

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    The little mouse trick doesn't seem to work for me....XP Pro, Opera 6.1....I even tried using IE6 before I made the post so I wouldn't look stupid.....still didn't work....looks like a problem on my end....thanks for the replies.

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    I get the popup (IE 6.0) I thought you were from Britain by just looking at your flag
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    Good idea Confirmed, but instead of history on the country, how about just recent 'number' information on the country, such as: Capital, population, etc. etc.

    My two cents.
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    I donīt get any pop ups either using Mozilla, but if u really wanna know where the flag is from right click on it to try and save it and you will see the name.

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    Greetings all:

    As many of you have mentioned, I did set up a on-mouse-over display of the country a user is from. Also, if you click on a user's profile, it is listed there in text format next to the flag as well.

    As for short descriptions of the country? That's a little bit off of the beaten path for a security site.

    Thanks for the suggestion though!

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