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    Hack a server win $100,000 USD


    "HYDRA is a revolutionary Internet server built without an operating system from the ground up to be totally secure. Based on a hard real-time embedded architecture, HYDRA merges the best practices of the embedded world with the performance and features of an enterprise scale UNIX server. HYDRA is the ultimate secure server product available today. "

    "HYDRA represents a true "paradigm-shift" altogether, delivering ultimate reliability and security without sacrificing performance. Starting today, expect an all-new playing field."

    "First enterprise-scale embedded Internet server
    Virus-Proof and Hacker-Proof
    Wire Speed Transactions
    Advanced Bodacion Technology "

    "HYDRA contains everything needed to run a high performance Internet site. Since HYDRA does not run Windows, UNIX, Mac OS, Linux, or any embedded variants of these, it is not like any traditional server or computer on the market today. Engineered using "Six Sigma" quality standards, HYDRA is both crash-free and cannot be hacked into.

    Cyber-criminals, meet your new nemesis."



    "Good at Math? Fancy yourself a cryptography expert? Bodacion Technologies is asking for your help in proving the security of the mathematical sequence, the Raki series, behind the bodacion. A bodacion is a character representation of a large number generated using powerful mathematics to be difficult to guess. "

    "Simply put, we're giving you enough bodacions to try and detect a pattern, and asking you to decipher the algorithm. If you can do it, Bodacion Technologies will give you a $100,000 USD cash prize. "

    Think you got what it takes? ****, I know I don't, but anyway its worth a try.

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    Oh I'm sorry, havent been here for half a year.

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    Shmoo now that's it out it will be hackable all it takes is time. Nothing in this world is secure including your mothers uterus.

    But it's a nice start

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    There is nothing that is secure, just more m$ bullsh*t.

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    Hydra doesnt run on Windows.
    Help stop date rape, put out.

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    That is not the point dumbass, what I was saying was that it is just more bs that is being said about software, just like m$ usually does.

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    Just be a little bit more specific next time..alright.
    Help stop date rape, put out.

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