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Thread: ID cards...

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    ID cards...

    hey here is an update on the id card idea


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    It seems like every new idea that comes along is being touted as a good idea by somebody, after 9/11. However it is my understanding that all of the hijackers involved in the attacks were in the United States legally. What good would this card have done, anyway?
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    Thanks for the info. I really don't like the idea myself. This sounds like one step closer to the "chip implant" that was discussed in another thread. I'm sure after 9/11 and the increased emphasis on fighting terrorism, the move toward something like this in the US will gain some steam. But I hope it doesn't happen while I'm around.
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    Only if national security were as easy as computer security.....
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    In the US, in the meantime, the temporary public approval of a national ID card is waning:

    Wired: Support for ID Cards Waning

    It's interesting to see how some subjects were the hot topics for a bit and are now going back to normal .... it's just the laws that were voted that will not go away as easily.


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