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Thread: A threat to Google?

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    A threat to Google?

    Found on /.

    People are finding ways to trick Google to give them higher rankings:

    BBC: Google hit by link bombers

    It would be a shame if Google became a victim of this kind of tactics.


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    has there been any say of what google is doing to try and stop these such actions?

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    Nah, this is nothing new to any of the search engines. There are always clever people that try to outsmart the the creators of the engines. One common way was to add the same word thousands of times to the frontpage of a homepage, as the search-engines would rate the relevance of a search after how many times a specific word was located on a homepage. Once the search engine creators noticed this method of tricking their software, they changed their algorithm.

    So the fact is the search engine creators work much like the anti-virus vendors: new threat/update, new threat/update and so on.

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