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    Sounds good to me. Put me down!
    As for topics how about: gun control
    capital punishment
    should reparations be made to people of African-American
    because of slavery.
    should reparations be made to Native Americans for the
    confiscation of their lands.
    Should the insanity plea be allowed?

    Should we be required to carry a national ID card?

    Just some non-controversial issues to warm us up until we get to the heavy issues. LOL!
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    I am up for it. Is it going to be at a specific time or all day Saturday?

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    good idea neg
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    Great thinking Negative, I'll definetily be in on that!!

    Maybe you can put up a poll when the debate is closed, then people can vote for who they think won the debate. So you'd have the poll open for like one day after the entire debate is over.

    Anyways, that's just my suggestion, unless you already have an idea for deciding who shall win the debate.

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    Thank you all for the suggestions

    Here's what I have in mind: I'll set a topic on saturday, March 16 - the topic will be something you are either for, or you're against it - just to keep things simple...

    All you have to do before Tuesday, March 19, is make a simple post saying 'I'm for it', or 'I'm against it' (be honest, to keep things fair...). You'll be assigned to the other team, of course... .

    You can post whatever you want (on-topic, of course, and defending the point of view from the team you were assigned to) untill Saturday, March 23.... After I close the thread, I'll post two polls (my first ones!): one to vote for a team, and another one to vote for an individual.

    Just keep in mind: this discussion will not be about who has the best arguments (if you vote for your own team in the polls, you're actually defending the point of view you don't agree with - scary, hu?)...

    More suggestions are always welcome...

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    That sounds like a really good way to do it...I was wondering about the logistics of having a debate with so many different nations represented. Had a mental image of myself at 3 in the morning with a cup of coffee trying to debate intelligently with someone on the other side of the!
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