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Thread: Happiness = Getting along in AO

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    Smile Happiness = Getting along in AO

    Here lately it seems we have had an over abundance of people spreading hate and discontent in the AO forums. We have several individuals that would seem to have nothing better than to turn every thread into a flame war or to attempt to cause conflict. Myself in general have a happy go lucky kind of a look on life. A live and let live attitude in like. I believe this to be rooted deep in our own self esteem and worth. If one can't be happy, them one can't get along.
    What then is happiness? Probably it is best described as a sense of well-being, a feeling of self-approval. When we like and approve of ourselves, we become more outgoing, more social. We make more contacts, we are more social and reaching out. We touch others with our sense of well-being.
    Our sense of well-being makes us happy and we are self-satisfied. Then we reach out to others and make loving contact in friendly relations. We engage in social behavior. In a way, we are spreading our good will about ourselves and we make others happy.
    Happy people are social; with the absence of joy, persons tend to cut themselves off from others and spend waking hours alone and turned away from social situations. And this solitude reinforces the aloneness.
    The capacity for happiness, for feelings of joy, must be developed by ourselves. In the past our failure has been to wait for happiness, to believe that, at some point in our lives, we will be happy. Studies of people now show that those who are happy worked at being so.
    To be happy, we must develop a positive attitude about life. That is a prerequisite for happiness. We automatically cancel any chance of happiness if we start with feelings such as, "Nothing good ever happens to me, " or "Life is a big mess and I hate it."
    The pleasure we will get from life is not fore-ordained. We must work toward developing it. It is, in fact, for us to control, for us to decide, for us to pursue. Pessimists are rarely happy, being too consumed with what has gone wrong and what will go wrong.

    So in conclusion one must only try to please oneself and become happy. Then you can spead the wealth. Don't be content on starting flame wars or being nonproductive. Contribute and become an attribute to the forum. Hate only brings us down, and brings about unhapiness. So if one can't contribute in a kind way. Then dont. It IS that simple. You can always agree to dis agree. Be be polite and kind about it.

    To all in the group. Flamers and non-flamers alike. Be happy, enjoy life and most of all be kind to your fellow man. Because then one you are unkind to today, you may need the support of tomorow.

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    "Some men, you just can't reach. So, you get what we had here last week, which is the way he wants it..... Well, he gets it. But I don't like it, anymore than you men." -Cool Hand Luke
    Mankind have a great aversion to intellectual labor; but even supposing knowledge to be easily attainable, more people would be content to be ignorant than would take even a little trouble to acquire it.
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    Well, you have to figure....there are so many people here and so many cultures represented, that there's bound to be some discontent. I'll agree that there are a few that seem to have nothing to better to do than rain on everyone else's parade, but those are everywhere. I think that one solution would be to place a test that you have to pass in order to be a member. Not too much trouble, but just enough to make potential troublemakers think that it's not with the bother.

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    A test would be a good idea, although that might block the people who are here to actually learn something. As much as I don't like it either, it is a part of life. I say we start a stop the Flaming group.

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    {PP}Apocalypse, what can I say. That was an excellent post. At AO we should all be trying to help each other out - answer questions, post tutorials and interesting articles. There are too many posts to the forums that are just drivel. People should be trying to get together and start projects, sharing common interests.

    If you see people that are in your area (or not) who post about the same things that you do, pm them and say, would you be interested in working on such and such a project. We should all be trying to expand our knowledge and try new things.

    I am also sorry to see that there are people who have posted saying that they don't want to be part of AO anymore because of flames and certain people's negative attitudes. That sucks because some of them posted quite good stuff and I'd hate to see them leave and never come back. Unfortunately, there's not really much that can be done about this sort of thing.

    On the flipside, I can say that I have met some really cool people at AO who are kind, intelligent and always willing to help you out or just share ideas with. And this has made it all worth while .
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    and besides... flame wars are sooo late 80's :P
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    Okay, for all of you who remember first hand the Rodney King trial, and the LA riots I would just say.....CAN'T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG!!!
    Lol...it would sure be nice if the flamers were automatically hidden posts. But that would take some gremlin in the basement reading everyone's posts, and deciding who to post and who to hide...guess it isn't such a great idea after all!
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    There's nothing I hate more than an optimist.
    Optimists are people who always come out
    ahead, like the execs at ENRON.

    Optimists are always trying to sell you something.
    Ever notice that salesmen and TV evangelists
    are all optimists? That's because they are optimistic
    about getting their hands on your money, or your

    Optimists start things that they can't finish,
    like wars and bogus businesses (see paragraph one).

    When You're in trouble, your optimist friends disappear
    because they don't like being involved with problems.

    "If anything CAN go wrong, it WILL.
    This is not just a source of cute jokes.
    Actually, it is a brilliant, if obvious, principle
    of sound engineering.
    A device with less moving parts has fewer
    parts to fail.

    I heard a stock market analyst on the radio
    talking about the ENRON disaster. His company
    was one of the few that was not advising its
    clients to buy ENRON stock.
    The reason:
    ENRON'S business was so complicated, that the
    analyst couldn't UNDERSTAND it.
    That.s Murphy's law at work.
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    I must say that I have been somewhat disenchanted with the amount of **** that has recently been passed through these forums.

    I first joined AO as a place to refer to/ask questions/provide help /etc.. in an attempt to help me do my job, as well as help other people out there.

    But of late the amount of quality postings has been somewhat lacklustre.

    I agree that flaming ignorant script kiddie/newbies is not the answer. Ignoring them is the answer, I believe.

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    all i can say is that i'm sick of the hatred that is going on...this site is for helping people not putting people down

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