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    Snort Help

    I am trying to set up snort on my winxp pro box and I am just lost. I don't know how to configure. I turned it on and played with the ruleset file but I don't understand it. I simply want it to log everything that happens on my home lan and my internet link. I have a motorola sb4100 cable modem plugged into a linksys router to share the connection. How do I get it to monitor everything but no alerts. I already have norton personal firewall set to alert me.
    What do you mean you don\'t have a backup disk?

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    ohman- you asked a mouthfull look here this should do it better than anyone else.

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    put it on linux... it works better

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    Do you want to log every packet or simply alert on signature matches? Capturing every packet on your local network could generate a rather large file.

    A command you can use to get started would be: 'snort -dvi eth0' (Substitute eth0 for your NIC information). This is from the Snort FAQ which is located at

    Once you work through the rule logic Snort becomes very easy to work with. Let me know if I can be any further assistance.

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