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    Hack the Hydra Web Server and get 100 Gran!!!

    The Hydra Web Server by Bodacion is supposidly unhackable.

    What makes Hydra unique, and unhackable, according to Hauk, is its security mechanism, a number sequence generator called the Bodacion.

    When a PC attempts to initiate a connection to a server, that connection is assigned a number, which is used for communication, Hauk said. Attackers often attempt to guess that number in order to "hijack" a connection, thus allowing them access to a server that they shouldn't have, he said. The Bodacion eliminates this problem because it uses a random number generation technology that makes it next-to-impossible to guess the next number in the sequence of session numbers, he said. Without that session number, access to the server is denied, stopping hacking, he said.

    Hauk and Bodacion are so sure of their claims that they've offered a US$100,000 challenge to anyone who can predict the one-thousandth number in a sequence after being provided the first 999. Information on the challenge is available on the Bodacion Web site.

    Posted from ITWorld


    I am going to give it a try, why not its a 100 gran.

    Anyone else?
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    Post Already a thread. :)

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