Hello all!
this is the first message I write on this forum. The reason for me writting here is that I have coded an Encrypting/Decrypting Win32 based program using an algorithm that, as far as I know, no onehas used yet. I would like to know if it is a good algorithm or not, and that is why I attach an encrypted file created with this applicationin case anyone is interested in cracking it. I think this is the best method to check wether the algorithm is worthless.
I also include the application I use to encrypt/decrypt files. It is not finished at all, but it works as far as encryption/decryption goes, and is enough for testing it. If it happende to be usefull I would finish it up by including better interface to it.
It has been programmed using Borland C++ Builder 4.0, which I obtained from a PC Magazine.
Oh, one last thing. Because I am convinced that the secret of the encryption is not on the algortihm but on the two keys it uses, I include the equation I use in the algorithm. This is x = h * (1 - x) where h is a constant between 0 and 4, and x a number between 0 and 1. This equation presents chaotic behaviour for values of h close to 4. I have scaled the function so that x is an integer (four bytes).
I have read in some books, and text files, that an encryption based on XORing is an easy one to crack. Well, my algorithm is based in XORing so I guess it should be pretty easy... although I would like to make sure of this.

If anyone is interested in cracking the file please do... and thank you for your interest. Oh, the decrypted filename is an ASCII text file in english, whose name can be read by HexEditing the file. Well, thanx a lot. Interested people can e-mail me at r.hermoso@qmw.ac.uk or r.hermoso@telefonica.net