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Thread: Modern Technology

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    Lightbulb Modern Technology

    I thought this was an interesting subject by rcgreen:

    Originally posted here by rcgreen
    Let's debate:
    Is modern technology good or evil?...
    Hrmm.. Well, it depends on what type of technology it is. For instance, human cloning and computer chip implants are IMO bad forms of technology. I don't see the need for either. Technology is not necessarily evil, but what about knowledge?. The saying goes "Knowledge is power." Right?.. but think about it. Why were Adam and Eve banned from The Garden of Eden? Cause they ate from the tree of knowledge. So, is ignorance really bliss? You can't advance in technology with out knowledge.. So shouldn't the question should be, is knowledge evil?


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    I agree with you Remote, some technology seems to be inherently evil. I don't think we have any business cloning human beings. And I have already expressed my opinion as to where I think this implant stuff is taking us in another thread. But most knowledge is not. Knowledge is basically good, especially knowledge of God. The problem with Adam and Eve wasn't their desire for knowledge. The problem was that they took a shortcut to get. I think God would have revealed knowledge to them eventually when they were mature enough to handle it. We've have kind of the same problem now, don't you think? We have all these bigger and better machines and scientific breakthroughs, but we still haven't found a way (apart from Christ in my opinion) to deal with the evil in our hearts. As long as we have evil in our hearts, there is the potential for knowledge (even good knowledge) to be abused.
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    I don't believe any technology (but we really should define 'technology' a little better for this argument) is good or evil. To me most technology or knowledge is like a hammer. It's just a tool, or means to an end. It can be used for good or evil but the tool itself is neutral.

    Cloning to me is not really such a bad thing. There are many applications of this technology that help people (such as growing new body parts, which don't necessarily have to be pulled from another clone). And since we as humans do not posess enough of a genetic memory to make cloning another 'Hitler' possible....there are no worries there. There are the more questionable applications such as cloning someone to raise as a child, but in my eyes that really is no worse than having a test tube baby.

    The implanting of chips goes either way, it depends on what those chips are being used for. Using them to track people and such has alot of room for abuse.

    I think the same for knowledge of 'god'. This too can be used for good or evil. Most religions teach people to be better to each other and to themselves, in this way it is good. But many people also use this knowledge of 'god' to take advantage of others. To get money, or further their own political/socal/religious beliefs even at the expense of others (and remember god is always on your side, no matter who's side your on).

    Again, knowledge is just a tool. It can be used for good or evil, it's up to us choose which way we want to go with it. If anything ignorance is a tool for evil, since it allows soo many to take advantage of soo many others, simply because the ignorant did not know any better.
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    Damn, this thread got off to a slow start..
    Anyone else have a different opinion or
    additional statements they would like to add?
    I'm interested in hearing your views on this so come on,
    speak up.. BTW, you both have a good point. I suppose
    it really depends on how the technology is used,
    whose hands it's in, and other factors.


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    Perhaps full human cloning is not a very bright idea, but I can imagine using some of the cloning technologies to harvest human organs that are compatible with those in need of transplants. As for computer chip implants, these might not be a bad thing, if used in the correct way. Many ex cons wear what is known as a low-jack, that constantly monitors their location. Im not suggesting that all convicts should be fitted with computer chip implants, but high risk/violent repeat offenders that have been released could be monitored with these. My belief is that technology is extremely important, yet many good ideas are presented to the public in bad ways.
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    Look at technology over time.
    Take a person from 400 years ago
    and show him the modern world.
    The high speed transportation, with
    car and plane crashes.

    The lack of high speed travel or communication
    may have given people a comfortable sense
    of distance. Foreign lands and their threatening
    ways were very far away.
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    There is a great book that y'all should read. Its "The Axemakers" by James Burke. Burke is the producer/author of the BBC/TLC series "Connections", "Connections 2", "Connections 3", "Connections 4", and "The Day the World Changed" which area all History of Science series...

    In "The Axemakers", Burke talks about how Technology is a double edges sword. Although it makes us more efficent/productive, it also makes us dependent on both the Axes and the Axemakers (those who produce the technology). If you buy into this theory, technology is not so much good/evil, rather it is a force for societal change.

    I would tend to believe that. There is nothing morally wrong with any technology, we (people) need to adjust/update our morals to encompass how new technology works. We need to set rules and boundries for things like cloning and personal computer implants.

    Just my 2.
    - Jimmy Mac

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    I think we may need to adjust our perspective, view and outlook on matters but not our morals. We've adjusted our morals to fit far too many things already.

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    Question Technology

    Depends on the technology I guess, and from what angle you look at it.

    Bioengineering could help eliminate diseases, cancer, birth defects. It could potentially also result in yet another arena of discrimination. Normal vs "engineered" children perhaps. if we engineered children for sports talent/intelligence/beauty, should they compete against "normal" children?

    Implant chips could store life saving information for EMT teams, allergies to penicilin, latex, peanut oils etc. But what happens if (when) they become vulnerable? When the technology develops, I'd hate to have someone overheat the processor while it's inside me. *winces* I know that isn't the state of it now (that I've read), but give it a few years and who knows? There's also the half a dozen gov't conspiracy theories about being able to track people.

    The internet itself could be considered a modern technological advance. It has allowed for huge advances in research, communication, business and almost every other aspect of our lives. It has also turned child pornography/slavery into a multi-million dollar business. It has made it possible for drug dealers to reach whole new segments of the population. No more running down to the corner and hoping the scrubby dealer isn't a cop. Just pop over to drugsrus.com

    Partial cloning could potentially help solve the lack of organ doners, and help save thousands of lives. Then again, the world's population is increasing at a rate that is going to make it unsustainable probably within our children's lifespan. Do we really want to lengthen lifespans even further?

    Full cloning might allow parents who have lost children to have them back. But is it really the same person? Do they have a soul? *chuckles* Then again, do we?

    I guess my answer is technology is evil, and technology is good.


    Read them.

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    In my opinion, technology would fall into the catagory of "neither."

    Inheirantly, technology is neither "good" nor "evil" by conventional definitions.

    It's simply a tool, one that many of use have grown accustomed to using on a regular basis to make our our lives simpler, or easier.

    Like many tools, it's a matter of what you do with it that would define the "good" or "evil" aspects of it, and even then, it would be the use of the technology that would be defined, not the technology itself.

    What one person may use to save lives, another may take that same tech and use it to destroy lives. Does that mean the technology is to blame? or the one using it?

    Just a little food for thought.

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