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    Problem with Mandrake8.1

    Here it is...... I run a dual boot Win XP Pro and Mandrake 8.1 box....

    Anyway. When I issue the "halt" in Linux.... 75% of the time it hangs up when shutting down "eth0". I have a Linksys LNE 100 TX with a Linksys Cable BEFSR81 router and a Scientific Atalanta Cable DPX110 modem... It does this often..... It's starting to be a pain...

    Any ideas? Thanks.....
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    Hehe, I also run dual-boot win WinXP Pro and Mandrake 8.1! Haven't got that problem, but I had some trouble with eth0 on bootup. The machine used to hang when I was not connected to my router. Anyway, the solution was to start up eth0 manually whenever I'm connected. Even when I'm not connected, this will not make the machine hang. Perhaps a manual shutdown of eth0 will help you? My 2 .....

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