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Thread: Ntfs & Ads

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    Ntfs & Ads

    A buddy of mine recently downloaded a movie (Scarface) off of Kazaa.
    I introduced him yesterday to TDS-3 Trojan Scanner.
    Today he was scanning his harddrive and TDS-3 recogized the movie as having a NTFS ADS hidden data stream.
    I didn't have a clue what it was, other than it didn't sound good.
    I went and researched a little and found the TDS-3 homepage to be more than helpful.
    Read this site it's quite interesting.
    So check it out you NTFS and Kazaa people.


    To get the best trojan scanner, IMO, go here and get TDS-3:
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    Did not know that. nice find.
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    nice to know about

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    From dolemite's link:
    Q. Can streams be transferred via email or FTP or other file-transfer protocols?
    A. No. Stream contents can be transferred via email, FTP etc., but only in the form of a normal file. If you attempt to email a file with any streams attached, only the actual file will be sent - not any of the streams. Virtually all Internet protocols that support file transfer are non-supportive of streams and other embedded file resources as streams are relatively exclusive to Macintosh and Windows NT/2K systems using the NTFS file system.
    This makes it sound like the stream should not have been sent via Kazaa. Well, obviously Kazaa is supportive of streams, but why? What benefit does it give? It seems like that would be extra codeing that wasn't necessary. Unless Kazaa makes your connection a temporary Windows LAN when it exchanges a program. So if you are on their network when you exchange information, could this be used as a way past NAT?
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