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Thread: Hacking cable modems

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    Hacking cable modems

    Newsbytes has an interesting story on someone hacking his cable modem because he found his link to be too slow:

    Newsbytes: Cable Modem Hacking Tricks Uncapped Online


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    yeah I read that and thought, now here is a good hack, and as usual the company is running for cover.....

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    I heard from "a friend" that baby monitors use the same frequency as the mgmt service for cable modems. So if you remove the end of your cable connection and put the baby monitor near the end of the cable you can crash the network. I haven't tried it cause none of my friends will let me experiment with their connection. (I don't know why, I think it'd be a good test.) hehehe anyway don't know if it's true but it' be interestig to see.

    Thanks for the article. It doesn't surprise me but then again not much could surprise me at this point.
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    I know for a fact that the Alcatel speed touch modem can run as a router as well.
    Altough if you do it you lose your warranty.

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