"HTTTP 404 error plz help"
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Thread: "HTTTP 404 error plz help"

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    Question "HTTTP 404 error plz help"

    hello guys
    recently when i treid to open a site i ofund the following message written on my page

    "HTTP 404 - File not found internet explorer
    wats the meaning of this
    any help is gr8ly welcomed
    hacker explore things crackers mess the things.

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    404 means the address that you are telling your browzer to access cant be found.. either the address doesnt exist or it no longer exists...

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    Hackmania, try this link:http://www.plinko.net/404/
    See the section near the bottom on "History of the 404 error" or something like that.
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    404 is an unfound page on the server. ie... http://www.antionline.com/purple.html will give you a 404 error. You can find the server antionline.com, but the page purple.html doesn't exist. So, the server will return a 404 error. There are something like 100 different errors the server can return, but the 404 error is the most common.
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