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Thread: Spyware for law enforcement

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    Spyware for law enforcement

    Here's a nice article from SecurityFocus:

    D.I.R.T. Spyware Exposed on Web

    Although it seems that the page hosting the files is now 404 ...


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    good post. sound a lot like a virii to me. B>O> is for script kidies, and so is this software.
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    Sounds much like a virus, and I think it may violate some of those "Search Warrant Laws."
    But, any evidence collected would probably be inadmissable in court unless you had a search warrant allowing you to go in to the suspect's computer without first seizing it and bringing it in to be examined.
    Anyone else in law enforcement wanna back me up?
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    AFAIK the whole DIRT thing is pretty old... But seriously, it's just Netbus for Authorities, I'm willing to bet that basic computing hygeine goes a long way. In other words, disable scripting of macros in Office, don't use mailreaders or browsers with vulnerabilities, etc. I seriously doubt that you can just "Mail it to a target" and poof, they're in.
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