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    The End of Morpheus??

    Morpheus seeks new role in music biz

    By John Borland
    Staff Writer, CNET News.com
    March 13, 2002, 9:00 PM PT

    StreamCast Networks, the creator of the popular Morpheus file-trading software, is set to unveil a plan Thursday that it hopes will help it become a more legitimate means of music distribution.
    The company is adding new digital rights management, or anti-copying technology, to its set of software and services. It's calling for independent artists to distribute their work through the Morpheus file-trading network, using this technology to help solicit payment for their work and guard against piracy.

    "I think we are a distribution network and a way to create a level playing field" for independent artists, StreamCast CEO Steve Griffin said.


    i guess it remains to be seen whether or not morpheus itself will try to charge for "services" which as we know...won't fly...what does the *new* napster have...15,000 customers?...people use this software because they get stuff for free...if they have to pay...they will just move on
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    Oh well...now's when Kazaa takes over...its just a cycle...a new one keeps coming up being better than the last anyway...
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    When they get to big and popular that happens. All of them sell out when they get in trouble.
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    Kazaa won't take over... FastTrack, the Dutch company that developed the P2P-protocol for both Kazaa and Morpheus, has been sold to an Australian company... Won't be free for long anymore...

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