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Thread: redhatlinux config prob help

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    redhatlinux config prob help

    i am a novice and totally new to linux.
    i just installed redhat 7.2
    i am using dual boot w/ windows me.
    video configuration problems.
    when i go to start up a gnome session and log in the screen are is enormous.
    i dont know my way around the desktop so i dont know what to change in there.
    from xconfiguration my video card, which is a SIS315 64mb is not on the list so i selected unlisted device. i selected 64mb of video mem. and 16bit 800x600 for video mode and it would not accept this so the only way i could get it to work was by selecting 8mb 8bit 800x600. if anybody could point me in the right direction or to some information this would be greatly appreciated.
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    from console,

    su -

    this will get you root in the root directory


    now launch x configuration
    video card
    you need to enter the horizontal and vertical sync of your monitor... look in your monitors manual... be carefull if you over estimate your monitor you will damage it... if your monitot is on the list you are lucky, otherwise select generic and manual and give the specific ratings yourself...(from the monitors manual).

    now: continue select your card... when it's not on the list, try to match as close as possible, set the mem to the appropriate amount select your video modus, like 24Bit 1024x768, and continue... this will set your monitor to a proper screen size. When I was new to RedHat Linux I had similar probs... you are not going to solve them if you stay in X. you need to enter setup and change your monitor settings, your video card is probably working fine... to be sure check the RedHat compatibility list on the RedHat website. www.redhat.com

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    Or you could go to the command line and type is :
    Then just answer all the questions and one of them will be the resolution and specify 1024x760 which is best for x winows. Then just type startx after you are done and bada boom your in buissness. Happy Hacking

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    It helps if you have the documentation on your
    vid card, if it isn't listed by name.
    The setup program will ask you to choose a card
    with the same chipset as yours,
    so you should know that if you want to get the
    correct driver loaded.
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