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Thread: Trusted Toolbar????

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    Exclamation Trusted Toolbar????

    Has anyone heard of a virus associated with an e-mail from "Trusted Toolbar". A friend of mine was infected with something that supposely rewrote a fat32 partition into I believe he said a fat16. Now after hours of work he's back online, however he's lost the data in that partition.

    I told him that I didn't think there was a way to recover that data, but maybe someone in this forum might know of a way?

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    A few dayz ago i downloaded what i believed to be a web download mechanism off of cracks.am. this thing invaded my computer, changing start up pages, search engines, my desktop. It added an exe into my computer. So if somebody "faked" a signature or somethin, a virus could easily be planted.
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    in both cases the cause of problem is operator error lol j/k first of all you should have your email as tight as a nun's ass, especially web based... i read all headers and source code of all my emails not to mention that i have them sent straight from one account to anotherr so that they are scanned 2 times by online virus scanners and only then i open it if i know where its coming from and if im expecting the mail. Second if you dont have your comp set up to handle certain web sites and their content then you take full responsibility for what happens ; ignorance is no excuse. if you dont belong somewhere ; the first rule is always to stay out....as for your friend.. the easiest thing for him would be to restore from backups

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    I have no clue what happened to my computer, but something changed my default sounds, and deleted my desktop... I don't remember downloading anything though..., it just happened...

    About rewriting the partion or whatever... I think that windows came with some tool for converting FAT 16 to FAT 32, but I don't know if it would work, because you're not supposed to beable to change FAT 32 into FAT 16 or something... At least I didn't see something to do it with... I don't know if he could have recovered the data though...


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