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Thread: Netscape 6.0 not secure

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    Question Netscape 6.0 not secure

    When u r using the Netscape 6.0 browser, the browser will collect your information, including your IP address, all the informations and search u typed. No privacy at all!

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    I can tell you are a no good newbie, any proof? Any source? Any examples?

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    According to Netscape they do collect information about what search engines and what kind of searches the user do.. Nothing more nothing less!?

    Se link: http://www.newsbytes.com/news/02/175035.html

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    firstly i got the information from the techtv.com... (the proof)

    hmmm... nothing more?
    what i am trying to point up now is more about privacy on internet...
    they even colect the ip addresses? and link together with whatever u type
    yeah.. to train their neuro net or whatever... for me it is a little bit too specific/personal (ur IP)...

    just a question... do u really want someone to snoop what r u doing everytime u surf the net?

    for a suggestion: use firewall or when searching on netscape just type on the Address text bar

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    yeah.. i forget...
    anyway, thank you for the comments..

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