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Thread: DOS attacks

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    DOS attacks

    can a DOS attack be backtraced? if so, how?

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    when the packets are sent to whoever you are dos'ing as you may know you ip address is included in the packets.

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    Just adding to what Shangrila said. That's why most of these attacks use "zombies." A denial of service attacker will use sub7 or Back Orifice to compromise other computers. Once they take them over they can use them to perpetrate Dos attacks on others. That way, if the attack is traced it will not lead to them, but some innocent third party. For a description of a denial of service attack click this link: http://grc.com/dos/grcdos.htm This is Steve Gibson's website.

    ps. If you get a "page can't be displayed" error, try back later. Their server might be down. Hmmm, wonder if someone is ddosing them?
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    What you have right there is the difference between DOS and DDOS, 'Denial of Service' and 'Distributed Denial of Service.'
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