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Thread: Gotta love these kiddys :)

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    Gotta love these kiddys :)


    Didn't this stupid lamer KNOW that breaking into systems EVEN TO HELP is a CRIME?!?!?! and on top of that he believes them when they tell him they're gonna bring him in to help....Deserved to get busted in my opinion

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    Among Artech's suspected victims are sites operated by the U.S. Department of Transportation and Department of Labor, and the Internet home page of the City of Stockton, Calif.

    Webmaster Cathy Sloan said that the Stockton homepage was replaced in June 2000 with one that simply said "Tard."

    Shortly thereafter, Sloan received an e-mail from someone identifying himself as "Matt" who took credit for the defacement and offered to help her secure the site in exchange for a laptop computer.
    Pathetic, he found a vulnerability and is charging to fix it when they can throw his ass in prison, I would:
    a) Just send them an email telling them how to fix the 'ploit or,
    b) Just leave it be and let them figure it out

    Ahh, what a kiddiot

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    you never get punnished for doing something. you get punnished for getting caught.

    remember this if you ever get busted. co-operate fully (if you can), threw and attorny.
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    If his whole plan was to charge for helping patch up security holes then why did he deface all these sites? I would have just gotten in, then either sent the r00t pass to the admin and offer to tell how I did it for the laptop or just left a note on the server or sumthin. Why piss them off first? In any case skriptkiddie or not i don't think they should try him as and adult considering his age when he committed the attacks.
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    If you are dumb enough to get caught I guess you deserve what’s coming to you.
    Its not software piracy. I’m just making multiple off site backups.

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