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    AO edit feature bug

    I found this bug when i waz trying to edit a post i made a mistake on....

    I clicked on the edit button of the post, and was at the edit post page.
    I edited my post and pressed submit. It waz very slow loading so I pressed the back button, and then refresh. I found my post waz edited, but there was no text on the bottom of the post to show it was edited. I found this weird that it would edit the text of the post , but not add when it waz edited......
    Hope yall like my little discovery,

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    I noticed similar behaviour before... you can edit your post, press submit, and without completion of the send command, go to another page, when you return to the forum with your "edited" post you will find it edited

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    lol u gave away my secret! u suck!!!


    i always do that when i use edit cause then it dont say ur post was edited and u dont have 2 wait for the slow page 2 load

    thanx alot for givin my fav bug away lol

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