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Thread: 50% of password are predictable.

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    50% of password are predictable.

    And they wonder why so many breakin attempts are successful



    (CNN) -- Computer passwords are supposed to be secret. But psychologists say it is possible to predict a password based on the personalities of users or even what is on their desks.

    Objects around the office may not seem important. But they may help someone to crack your computer password and masquerade as you, sending e-mails, accessing files and even plundering your online bank account.

    According to a recent British study, passwords are often based on something obvious. Around 50 percent of computer users base them on the name of a family member, partner or a pet. Thirty percent look to a pop idol or sporting hero.
    Such password inspirations could be a problem.

    "Particularly if you are a fan of a football club. Then you might well have something related to that football club on your desk at the office. You might have a mug or a pen. And if someone wants to try to hack into your system, then they might try using that as your password," said Helen Petrie of City University in London.

    It is not always that easy. Psychologists say passwords often reflect something about our subconscious. Users may not even know what inspires them to chose one word rather than another.
    "It seems to be something about the first thing that comes into your mind when you're asked to give a password," Petrie said.

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    Must be right... It seems that after you know someone's password, it seems too obvious as to why they choose it... For some reason, all of my passwords are related, and I can't remember anything else if I have them too different from that one thing... Must be something deep down inside... At least I mix in other things that aren't really related to myself...


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    Interesting, The psychs are working against me to crack my password... Thats why my password has nothing to do with anything on my desk Totally random

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    Well, my password has SOMETHING to do with myself... unfortunately for the hacker, it is too long to do a brute force crack on... I think it is 24 characters long... would take a really long time...
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    i must agree with the statement of..

    Computer passwords are supposed to be secret. But psychologists say it is possible to predict a password based on the personalities of users or even what is on their desks.
    my old password was sanyo which was the brand of remote i used for my TV : )

    so this goes to show even high educated people in the computer world still tend to have big egos and think even a simple password like a TV brand is enough to keep hackers away

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    No matter what I use for a password, I'll add a couple of extra numbers and letters. Recently I've started using obscure names from the writings of tolkien with a few numbers. (Because really, how are you going to brute force something like celegorm689 with any speed? (btw, no, this isn't my password for anything so don't get excited (hmm, started putting brackets in brackets, so I may as well keep on going (although I suppose it's a little stupid (Come to think of it, should I end it with one bracket or several?)))))
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    My suggestion,
    All of my passwords are not words in the dictionary, names, or numbers. Everyone of my passwords are always combinations of several types of characters, or they are acronyms. But usually my passwords are based on the keypad, {so I can do it fast} and I usually will add one or two characters that are not standard. {One of the alt + something characters} An example of something that I would do is . . . { 5812¦0191¿ } What that is is just 5812 {alt + 5812, then 0191 {alt + 0191} This would prevent dictionary brute force, and number brute force, but if you use 2 numbers that are easily remembered. {IE last 4 phone digits} Then it is easy to remember and is also a very good password.

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    Algebra problems are good to use with letters, symbols, and numbers

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    Words and Numbers, with Capitals on eatch word.
    At least 10 Chr.
    And the words too,two and to can b replaced with 2, (Note: not all of the)
    Any word that souds like a number can b replaced with a number...(Note: Not ALL)
    the words sould b completly random and not have anything 2 do with you, just things like Wood, glass,ball,car and stuff like that, stringed together in a sentance with numberes, then it becomes really easy 2 remember, and can b keept at a nice length.
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    This is true. I worked at a bank some time ago and was checking out peoples desks after working late one night and notice that the objects or even names on there desk where the passwords to there computers. One lady had her dog pic with the password to here computer between the dogs legs, ahh DUUUH.

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