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Thread: One World Government

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    One World Government

    Do you think we're headed toward some form of one world government? That is, do you think one day there will be only one ruling body or world dictator? Let me know your opinon.
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    Nope, the tyrants and fascists have been trying to do this from the
    beginning of time

    but it isn't in the cards.
    See Daniel, chapter 2. The history of "Great Empires"
    all runs down hill from that time. The ancient world was the closest
    they would ever get to gathering the human race under
    one gov't. That's my interpretation.
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    They've tried that already. It didn't werk too good. I don't think it will happen in the future either cause who ever is in charge will rule the friggin' world! I don't think the human race would be THAT stupid. To give total controll of the entire world to one government or country would be beyond stupid.. IMO


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    {{ Restated from threadid=222014 }}

    What I will say is, we should not lean toward the one world government theory. What I believe is that it is a good idea that will not work in the real world. {IE, prohibition, isolationism, quakerism, etc} It is a very good idea to institute a government of control over the world, but considering the side effects, I do not believe it would work. For one, there could be a serious problem with the checks and balanaces system, without competition among foreign governments there could be no where to go, if you disagree with the current state of affairs. And without foreign trade, there would be no tariffs aswell. If everything ran free with trading that would put almost all american businesses out of business. And imposing a minimum wage into 3rd world contries could aswell destroy the economy. Another would be a world police force. Who would be the leader, where would the control be? Would america be the police? If so, what prevents corruption?

    I could keep on going on with this opisition, but I believe that you understand my perspective.

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    Why do you all leap to the conclusion that such a government can only exist in a dictatorial form? To an extent, we already have several world-governing bodies (the U.N., for instance).

    What we need to do is recognize the limitations of power that a world-government would have. I don't think such a world government would come into being until we needed representation elsewhere for the whole planet. As we have yet to even find life outside of our solar system, I find it highly unlikely that we will NEED a planetary government any time soon.

    Keep in mind that the role of government is ideally to provide representation for people. As a world, we have nowhere we need to be represented, therefore we have no need for a world government.
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    I think government is just a fake. Actually, the powers that be try to convince us about doing what they want->DOMINATE. Step through their rules by just thinking can be a beginning. For instance, do not believe a word of their plans ( I can't express it better, sorry):

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    One of the senarios I envisage for the future is the following:

    Firstly, withen a decade or two the EU will create a central government for the whole of the european continent (a prospect I think will inevitably happen but will end badly), also whenever China (the PRC that is) get their act together they will easily annex all of Asia and most, if not all, of Africa, and then in order to "protect the free world" the states (the united ones) will bring the entire American continent under their control. Australia I leave up to whoever feels they need it the most.

    I forsee that the Chinese super state will be constantly fighting with the EU (on a small scale that is) for nothern Africa, western Europe or western Russia. One day these border skirmishes will get out of hand and world war III will commence (if there hasn't already been one in which case WWIV or WWV .....etc. commences). The (even more) united states will side with the EU (unless China see the error of their ways in the mean time and give communism the old heave ho, in which case the states might go either way or just sit on the fence) and the war will come down to man power v's technology.
    Eventually when one side is getting desperate some idiot will decide to bring nukes into the fray and then it will be a case of armageddon here we come!!!

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