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    Flash M0nkey
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    Sep 2001
    hey korp a 1000 posts
    you'll be catching up on Ennis soon


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    As long as there is always a new things and ideas to learn we will always be a noob.
    Listen closely to your enemies. They tell you your faults.

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    Senior Member cwk9's Avatar
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    Feb 2002
    Everyone has to start somewere. If someone calls you a newb don't be offended, take it as a challange to learn something new.
    Its not software piracy. Iím just making multiple off site backups.

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    lol ok, I'm trying to learn, but any questions I might ask I know I'll get flamed... People will say Google but 75% of sites on google are old news and/or don't help.
    Search First Ask Second. www.google.com

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    Ahh, so you are complaing about the help you get? Gee, isn't that nice. Most of the time, when someone tells you google, that means that there is relevent info out there. This is the case for a lot of questions (not just you). If you find old information, look around. I know you didn't look at 10K sites before you came in here.

    Most of the time, when someone gets flammed, its because of the way they ask the question. Saying "Tell me about Network" is just STUPID. I know, that wasn't you, it is just an example. Ask a question. Make sure you are as specific as possible when you ask. And make sure you don't sound like a wanabe script kiddie. Saying "I want a way to test the encryption sceme that Microsoft uses for the passwords" and "H3lp me Crack Passwordz on my Widoze b0x3n" are the exact same question. It is all about aproach. If you sound intelligen, and show an interst in learning, you will receive help. If you sound like a script kiddie that wants to hack hotmail and deface www.mymomahasbutthair.com then people will just flame you.
    \"Ignorance is bliss....
    but only for your enemy\"
    -- souleman

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    You need to learn how to use the advanced features of Google.com. And the most important thing about using is be thoughtful about how you ask it for information. Be as specific as possible. You'd be surprised at what type of info you can get from Google when you're smart.
    Mankind have a great aversion to intellectual labor; but even supposing knowledge to be easily attainable, more people would be content to be ignorant than would take even a little trouble to acquire it.
    - Samuel Johnson

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    Google is a MUST

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