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Thread: account bug

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    account bug

    I dont know if this is a bug but I logged in today and was just browsing through some forums and i click on the home button at the top and when it got back to the main page it said that I needed to log on. I logged on when I first got on the site. But when I clicked the home button it said i wasent. Is this a bug?
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    Maybe theres someting with your AO cookie, try clearing your cookies and log in again...

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    This can also be a problem if you're behind a proxy server, it will sometimes return the page in its cache (before you logged in). Try clearing your cookies as ac1dsp3ctrum said, if that doesn't work then refresh the page fully (CTRL + Refresh).
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    That happened to me recently (one time only), I'm guessing it was a single-time incident due to the site database being updated/tweaked.
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    casper3699, I took a look at the logs and didn't see anything on our end that logged you out. So, this is probably due to one of the possibilities mentioned above.

    thread closed.

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