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Thread: MMORPG Game Security questions

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    MMORPG Game Security questions

    have any idea of how to improve security on my mmorpg (its not out yet)

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    I dont think MMORPG is a real security threat....

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    um...lol, here's an idea: beta test it and look through the code alot. make sure the clients cant change anything they shouldnt be able to.
    add verification checks for anything even remotely important.

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    Do you mean something you're buying, or something your developing?
    I take it that you mean buying, so you don't really need any security concerns. All you do is send and receive data to a central server, so there isn't any risk of a vulnerability. The only thing I can think of is a game bug that could be exploited to freeze your comp or something like that, or a packet sniffer or sometihng like that to get your PW.
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    something i'm developing

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    While not specific it gives good backround of mmog security and concepts.

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    thanks V3RIZON

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