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Thread: What is better frontpage or dreamweaver

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    What is better frontpage or dreamweaver

    you decide

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    AO Antique pwaring's Avatar
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    Aug 2001
    Dreamweaver is far superior in terms of what it allows you to do, but I've used both packages in the past and found them somewhat inadequate for my needs. Much better to spend the time required on learning HTML instead and coding everything from scratch. A fast typer who knows HTML in depth (like me ), will be able to create pages much faster than in some WYSIWYG editor.
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    i've used both as well. i started with frontpage xp and then went to dreamweaver. i find dreamweaver is much better than frontpage.

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    dreamweaver... i wont even start bitching about frontpage... i despise it and ALWAYS reccomend dreamweaver

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    dreamweaver has always been at the top of my list because frontpage is just to easy looking and dreamweaver has more options

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    For people used to working in M$ Word frontpage is the easiest to pick up and learn....but for amount of options, flexability and all important flash support (it is made by macromedia after all) then dreamweaver is far suppier - plus it gives you alot more control over your design

    but as with all WYSIWYG builders a serious amount of tweeking manually of the code is needed to make the pages look just right


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    I strongly feel DreamWeaver is much better, it produces efficient code. MS FrontPage adds all this uneccessary code for god knows what purposes. For example, the same page made in DreamWeaver would have like half the code of what it would if it were made in MS FrontPage - maybe not to that extend, but FrontPage does add a lot of crap.

    I heard that DreamWeaver has an option where it erases all the crap that FrontPage leaves when you create a page - don't know if this is true but, haven't used that option.

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    I do not like these options. As a web design tool, I dont enjoy using wysiwyg editors at all. Seeing as how both of these tools are not available for my home OS, I can use neither. I guess a good wysiwyg for linux is BlueFish, but I personally have never used it. I prefer a simple text editor.
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    Frontpage has so ****ed up HTML that you can't even import it into other HTML editors! Maybe that was changed but trust me on this:
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    They both bloat. . . nice, simple, pretty html in a plain text editor is the way to go, but b/w the two dreamweaver.

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