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Thread: Sams Teach Yourself Web Publishing with HTML4

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    Sams Teach Yourself Web Publishing with HTML4

    Rating: 8.5/10
    Publisher: Sams
    Author: Laura Lemay

    Sams Teach Yourself Web Publishing with HTML4 is an excellent HTML book. I purchased a year or so ago, so it didn't recently come out, but if you like a physical book to read, then this one is for you. I read www.htmlgoodies.com 's HTML Primer and it set me off on the right foot. The book also touches on Servers, SSL, CGI, Javascript, DHTML, and CSS.

    Below are the chapters to see what it is like:
    Part 1: Getting Started
    The World of the World Wide web
    Get Organized
    An Introduction to HTML

    Part 2 Creating Simple Web Pages
    Begin with the Basics
    All About Links
    More Text Formatting with HTML

    Part 3 Web Graphics
    Using Images, Color, and Backgrounds
    Creating Images for the Web
    Creating animated Graphics

    Part 4 Style Sheets, Tables, and Frames
    XHTML and Style Sheets
    Frames and Linked Windows

    Part 5 Multimedia and Java Applets
    Multimedia: Adding Sound, Video and More
    Working With Sound and Video Files
    Using Java

    Part 6 Imagemaps and Forms
    Creating and Using Imagemaps
    Designing Forms
    Beginning CGI Scripting

    Part 7 JavaScript and Dynamic HTML
    Creating JavaScript Scripts
    Working With JavaScript
    Using Dynamic HTML

    Part 8 Designing Effective Web Pages
    Writing and Designing Web Pages: Dos and Don'ts
    Examples of Good and Bad Web Design
    Designing for the Real World

    Part 9 Going Live on the Web
    Putting your site online
    Letting People Know It's There
    Testing, Revising, and Maintaining Your Site

    Part 10 Setting up and Administering a Web Server
    Setting Up Your Own Server
    Web Server Hints, Tricks, and Tips
    Web Server Security and Access Control

    The book is excellent for a Website design newbie .... In case anyone in the AO community is wandering, yes I know 90% of the people know this.
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    Since I know that I do not like to buy books for any price I always find them somewhere for free, and since it looks like Army of One really liked this book I found an HTML version of it on the web. This is completely free, no pay. Here is the FULL book, not only the titles. Just click here.

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    Good review

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    Finally! I get a good comment from someone, maybe I'll keep reviewing books to get more respect in the AO community.
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    This book has a plethora of information. In the back, it has a reference to ALL HTML tags, and a TON of JavaScript codes, it's unreal! I missed this part, and I would recommend this book to all web designers, even if you do know HTML, you're bound to learn something!
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