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Thread: Can't search

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    Can't search

    Weel, it's been 45 users and 100 guests before and I could do a search. I'm sure. Now I can't search the threads. Too much server load it says but it has said that for hours and hours. I never got this message before. Anyway, I hope it's not bug....
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    whats up korpdeath? am sure their is a shitload more people on AO since that online user list, does not count hidden members. soo could be more users on then you think dood. Or maybe its a bug....dunno

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    It's been 12+ hours since I could last search. Something's wrong. I wonder if AO's under a (D)DOS? Or whether it's just a bug
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    I haven't been able to search most of the day today either.
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    i tried to seach about an half hour ago and got the same message
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    At first I thought it was just because there were many people at the time... Now it seems to be like that most of the time... I told a person yesterday I thought that it would only last a short time... Looks like it may take longer than expected... I last remember being able to search around 6 PM, March 17 my time (Japan, +9 hours?) or so... I'm beginning to wonder what is really causing this...


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    I hate this.....
    When I want to do a search, I don't want to get some stupid error-message. IMO the search-option should not be tampered with, it's probably the mostly used feature on this site. So if JP want save some database-traffic, he better cut down on some of the silly features, like ..........the AntiPoint-system. hehehhe

    Seriously, you kill the usability of a site by disabeling the search-option....

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    Problem fixed, thread closed.

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