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    Post Visual Basic

    Couldn't decide which forum this belonged in, so I figured general would do. It's a warehouse of information on Visual Basic.

    It has definitions, syntax and examples for just about everything in VB. I know a lot of people trash VB, but I still think it has it's uses.


    Read them.

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    Extreme VB:

    These resources should be enough for everyone...
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    I prefer Programmer's Heaven, but it's nice to have different sites.
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    where could i download visual basic v.6 for free?

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    Umm, Dr.Independent, you can't legally download VB6 for free. Therefore, you will not find the answer to that question in this forum.

    BUT, if you know how to use the internet, you can get a legal, licensed copy of VB 5 from microsoft for free. Yes, kinda strange that MS is giving away something free, but you can do it. You just have to figure out how on your own.
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    Wow Lots of Code! Thanks!!!!
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    good site.... I use VB for just about all of my Windows Programming.

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