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Thread: Closed threads != active thread?

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    Closed threads != active thread?

    Just a thought ...

    Should threads that have been closed still show in the list of active threads?


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    Well, it depends what people want, I think they should, cos they'll go down eventually (cos no one will post to them) and it gives peolpe a chance to read about what the topic was and what was discussed.

    For example, I couldn't post that word.zip attachment yesterday all day, but today I came online and saw that thread about non-working attachments where JP said it was fixed and closed the thread. I couldn't post, I didn't want to, all I needed to know was that it was fixed - I then added the attachment in my previous post and that was that.

    Anyways, that's just my thought,
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    well ... a closed thread doesn't mean inactive ..
    coz. as long as ppl. view it then it's active.
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    Closed threads should still show up because you can then see if your question has been answered recently, instead of posting it again and forcing JP to close that thread as well.
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    Greetings All:

    Thanks for the suggestion BrainStop, but I think I agree with everyone here, and that we'll keep things how they are for now.

    thread closed.

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