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Thread: Post into Oblivion

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    Post into Oblivion

    Morning All,

    I was just sitting in irc with hot_ice, and he asked me an interesting question... why, on the ticker, is there a post by zalula in 'Home / Forums / Public News Groups..'.

    Now for those of you who have visited this forum, it is not a standard forum perse... rather than being filled with threads, its filled with other forums... such as Alt.Yadda.Yadda ....

    Now, there is a quick thread feature at the bottom on the screen there... this allows you to post straight into 'Home / Forums / Public News Groups..' ... what's wrong with this you may ask? Well, the threads don't show up in this forum.. so when you post there... *poof* into oblivion it goes....

    While you can't see it in the forum, you can see it from other parts of the site, such as the Active Threads, and the little toolbar that JP made for us....

    Just for a proof of concept, I made a thread there... for those who read this soon, you can just check in the active threads, but for those who check this out later, go here

    Anyway, I'm off...
    I hope you enjoy hot_ice's little discovery....
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    Very strange, the weird thing is that the post doesn't go into oblivion but you just can't see it from the forums/threads list. Once it's disappeared from active threads list it's gone except I can view it through the link you provide and by searching for all the posts you've made.

    This looks a tad serious, I mean any disgruntled AO member could start posting loads of rubbish to the SQL database, taking up disk space and memory, and JP would probably never know unless he really scrutinised the server logs.
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    I really appreciate you pointing out this problem. We had a permissions problem with the parent forum (the one all of the newsgroups are in). It has now been taken care of.

    thread closed.

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