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Thread: Whats wrong with this picture.

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    Talking Whats wrong with this picture.

    Check out the photo at the web site below. If at first you don't see what's wrong with it, just keep looking. It will become apparent in a minute or two. I got this in an email last night and found it to be interesting enough to share with all.

    What's Wrong With This Picture?
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    There are many, many things wrong with that picture...
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    It's a good thing I had my headphones on instead of my speakers


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    This reminds me of a story one of my collegues told me the other day. He had been chatting over ICQ, but stopped to watch a horror movie that was on tv. So, he turned on his tv, while remaining online. Somehow he managed to turn the volume of his (computer) speakers all the way up instead of down - he didn't realise that at that moment.

    Just when tension was at it's peak in the movie, someone on his ICQ list came online. For those of you unfamilliar with ICQ - when someone comes online, ICQ makes a knokking sound. My collegue's silluet has been marked on his ceiling eversince

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    ok not to be a bastard or anything, but ive had literally 30 or 40 people send me e-mails or PMs and **** abot that same EXACT site.... im gettin tired of it...

    but it is funny

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    Haha Guus thats friggin funny...
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    HAH! I did it at work and almost dived out of my cube! Good post, rofl...
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    Bah, I did it the other day when it was sent to me in my email, leaned in close to reach the speaker to turn it up...face in right next to the monitor...right at the proper moment.

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    first time i saw that I screamed so loud my neighbors ran over...
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    if you think that ones freaky, check out:

    U suk at teh intuhnet1!!1!1one

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