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    Glasuan, I would go to the sys admin and ask them to give the password to me. The actual owner of that profile might also want to tell their password to you themself, you never know.
    As to Terr's message, I believe in Access 2000 that bug was fixed. At least some service pack did the trick - too bad there's none for WinXP, yet.
    And souleman, you can do that more easily by after saving it into text file in vi, open it into hex editor and check the hexes between #FF00CC:A3A0FF and #FF00CD:A3B0FF. Or this might work only in Windowses based on 9x -technology... Yes... Sorry.
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    ZeroOne> Thanks, I gave that a try. It works great on Win 2k Server, but not on Win 2k pro. Not sure why though. I haven't gotten a chance to try it on the XP machine, because I am still trying to get the program right so it only adds 3.5 scoops of coffee into my machine, not 4. Damn coffee has been to strong for the last 2 weeks when I get here, and I am getting really pissed off at the bot. It keeps giving me a floating point error. I might have to go back to running it on linux. Then again, thats a programming question, so.....sorry.
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    Originally posted here by s0nIc
    hmm souleman made some sense there....
    If it was Win2K i could have showed u how to pull out login names and passwords in 60 seconds.
    OK, S0NiC, i have W2000Pro(w/SvcPack-2) ready to load on an old machine before I load it onto wife's desktop (sure, I'm chicken, wanna know any idiosyncracies before I disturb her desktop...) Anyway, if you'd share your secret I'd appreciate it so I could test it. Or, alternately, how do you keep someone from harvesting the login names and pwds in W2000Pro?
    ON ANOTHER NOTE (please 'scuse the shout) I have dozens of programs and OS's on my shelf, every one of which came in a nice colorful box, fairly decent manual, lots of advertising and other mostly untinteresting stuff, and "lastly but not leastly", a hard card to send in and register your life history with the software company if you don't want to do it online. Today I received an OS (W2000PRo w/Svce Pack2) that had been on order for a couple weeks with my ISP, I was in a hurry so didn't really look at it until an hour ago. It's sealed in what appears to be a factory plastic baggie-thing, has all the proper holograph validation on the disks, a sticker to put on the outside of the PC... but says "for distribution only with a new pc", and another note saying "don't call us for problems, call somebody else" (or something like that). Well, I've always been careful to patronize legit sources for software and get the proper licenses, etc... sure, I'm square, but then that's how most of us old guys grew up... and I'm sitting here wondering about this thing, whether it's a full OS, whether I should have tried harder to find it downtown, or whether there's really no big difference, just didn't get a manual and colorful box??? About all I've ever worried about before was making sure the product was packaged and labeled legit, so the people who sat bleary-eyed late into the night, drinking gallons of bad coffee just to put out a product, could get their payday and keep on making more neat things for us to spend our money on. Probably shouldn't bother you with this, but I never saw this label before so was wondering about it. Oh, I've also bought harddrives, floppy drives, ram, processors, power supplies, RWRom, CDRom, wiring etc etc from this same ISP, so maybe if you put it all together he figured I was building a new desktop. Maybe that's it. But I still wonder what the difference is between this plastic package and the boxed version, if there is a boxed version....

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    Arrrrgh, why can't I do any of this stuff, I must be l4m3, u guys r so kewl, i keep tryin all the stuff you say, but. . . . uh huh, heh heh. . .

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    Key logger is good at your case
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    Fookin hell man you blew my head off with that post, just whack it in a test that puppy....*but thats my arrogant side speaking* ring em and nag em, ask em again, be sure....then try....

    i think thats what ya meant......

    if its no go have you got just the one box ?

    I only had 2000pro for a few weeks so i cant help ya...soz.....i'l ask a mate eh....

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    Good work soul, didn't know that myself.

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